Can you get out of your own way?
Eva takes part in an examination. Her fear that everything she creates is not perfect, or simply not enough, is confirmed when suddenly a red-haired female rival eats Eva’s letters away. How is Eva going to write her story now?

Director / Screenplay Stella Nikoletta Drossa
Producer Irene Drossa & Stella Nikoletta Drossa
Cast Jamila Saab
Winfried Stahlke
Moritz Höhne
Christa Pasch
Klara Kußmann
Director of Photography Patricia Lewandowska
Costume Designer & Art Director Teresa Monfared
Editor Danis Karaisaridis
Motion Graphics Alexandros Papadopoulos
Sounddesign Sven Jensen-Brakelmann
Music Lars Brämer
Film Type Short
Genre Drama / Fantasy
Shooting Location Berlin
Year 2016
Festivals Court Métrage Short Film Corner Cannes 2016
11th Cyprus International Film Festival
7th Bridges International Film Festival Corinthe-Nafplion
33rd Tehran International Short Film Festival
Blow Up Arthouse Film Fest Chicago (Official Selection)
56. Short Film Collection Bremen
10th London Greek Film Festival
11th International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo
Awards Best Cinematography in a First Short Film – CYIFF Got Talent
Critics Award of the 56th Short Film Competition Short Film Collection


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